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About Us


Welcome to our store. We are passionate about our gardens and love coming up with more ways to bring the garden into our homes. Whether it's growing herbs on a sunny kitchen window or adding a lemon tree to your living room, bringing plants into your home helps make a healthier, happier, more beautiful place.

If you're Interested on buying any of the products that you see on this site, please send an email to customers@thegardenofmydreams.com or come into the shop. Our inventory is always growing and changing!


The garden of my dreams came out as a project mainly directed to people which love plants, flowers and know the value of a house full of green, it also growth out of the need of breathing a healthier air inside our homes while bringing such a beautiful and stylysh way to add personality and a healthy vibe to our home

We are commited to bring to your houses the best quality products for you to have the garden and plant decoration of your dreams.